Aleksander Walmann

Singer of songs!


Who is Aleksander Walmann?

“Norwegian singer/songwriter, born in Porsgrunn in 1986. From the age of 13, he was part of the international snowboarding scene, competing on the highest level. Music has been a central part of his identity throughout his life, and as part of a very musical family, he started singing and playing guitar early on.

In 2012 he attended the first season of the Norwegian version of The Voice, where he made it all the way to the finale, taking 2nd place. This kick-started his musical career, where he developed a broad network within the Norwegian music industry.

After The Voice, Aleksander has actively pursued a career in music, working with a number of producers and artists, and all the way evolved as a songwriter and performing artist. He has warmed up for established artists like Sondre Lerche, Thom Hell, Sivert Høyem among others, in addition to doing his own concerts, and getting booked for festivals, weddings, event etc.

In 2014 got a role in the hit animation movie ”Rio 2”, as the voice of one of the lead characters Roberto (Bruno Mars’ character in the American version).

Aleksander is constantly working to develop and expand his musical expression, and draws inspiration from a variety of genres, like Folk, Hip-Hop, Electronica etc. Central musical references are Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, Matt Corby, John Mayer, Jack Garrat, Ben Howard among others.

In addition to releasing his own material, Aleksander has contributed to a number of different releases by other artists. Among others, he was featured on the 2016 version of the legendary 80’s hit ”Broken Wings”, produced by Simon Field and Jamie.”